How to Get Rid of Dog Bad Breath


Many families become irritated by dealing with their pet dog's bad breath and often look for ways to freshen it up. It is first of all important to understand some of the reasons why your dog's breath is so bad to begin with. Many times, canine bad breath is caused by periodontal disease which occurs when the gums and teeth bones begin deteriorating. An improperly functioning digestive system can also cause bad breath.

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      Brush the dog's teeth. Purchase a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste from your vet's office or a pet store. Common flavors come include vanilla, beef and chicken. These toothpastes are meant to be swallowed by the dog and will not hurt them. If using a dog toothbrush is hard, try using a finger brush. This type of brush slides over your finger and you can then brush the dog's teeth.

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      Give the dog mouthwash. One type of mouthwash for dogs is a spray called Chlorhexidine. To use this or any other types of mouthwash, spray a squirt of the fluid into the dog's mouth. Many types of dog mouthwash must be used once a week to keep the breath fresh.

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      Give your dog Milk Bones and other hard treats periodically. As the dog chews the hard bone, the plaque on the dog's teeth begins to come off and helps eliminate mouth odors.

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      Change your dog's food. It is better to stick with dry food versus wet food for dogs. The dry food again helps remove plaque and tartar buildup; while the wet food sticks to the teeth. If problems persist with bad breath, it might be caused by the food your dog is eating.

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      Have a professional cleaning. Many vets perform dental cleanings for dogs and although they are expensive, your dog will come home with a clean mouth.

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      Schedule a vet appointment. If you have tried everything possible to eliminate the bad breath, but it persists, call your vet and get a checkup for the pet.