How to Recharge a Vodafone Prepaid Card


In India the Vodafone phones makes it easier to stay in touch with loved ones. No matter where you are in India, as long as you have funds in your prepaid card, communicating with others is simple. Recharging a prepaid card is they key to staying in contact when you need it the most. Vodafone, like many communication companies, try to make the process as simple as possible for their customers.

  • Recharging From Your Vodafone Mobile Phone

    • 1

      Dial "111" from your Vodafone mobile phone and follow the voice instructions on the telephone call.

    • 2

      Scratch your Vodafone Recharge Card to reveal the PIN number.

    • 3

      Enter the PIN number on the touchpad of your mobile phone.

    • 4

      Verify that the PIN number has been entered correctly and confirm the details.

    Recharge Your Vodafone Card Online

    • 5

      Register online at the Vodafone website for your region. Enter your 10-digit Vodafone mobile phone number.

    • 6

      Enter the amount of money you want to recharge or select one of the prepaid Recharge options.

    • 7

      Enter your payment method. Vodafone accepts payment by debit card, credit card or Internet banking.

    • 8

      Confirm the amount being paid and the method of payment, then you will receive a confirmation of the transaction.

    Recharge Your Vodafone Card in Store

    • 9

      Visit a Vodafone store, mini-store or a shop with the Vodafone signage.

    • 10

      Inform the dealer of your Vodafone 10-digit mobile number.

    • 11

      Pay the desired amount you wish to add to prepaid card and you will get a confirmation text on your Vodafone.